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Chandigarh Viral Video Link Mms Leaked On Twitter

allyoucanshared.comChandigarh Viral Video Link Mms Leaked On Twitter. Hello allyou friends, back again with us which of course will present interesting and popular info. On this occasion the admin will provide Chandigarh Viral Video Link.

Recently circulated an mms video from Chandigarh University which is currently viral on social media.

Many netizens want to find out the truth of the video, is it true or just news information that doesn’t know its origin.

However, a lot of media informed that there were some video footage of women taking a bath at Chandigarh University.

Bacaan Lainnya

With the information about women bathing at Chandigarh University and there are several video recordings exposed on the internet and social media.

This certainly makes many netizens curious and want to see the video, so here we will provide the information for you.

Based on the admin’s observations from various sources who posted the video it contained a woman who was taking a shower, and see more in the following article.

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Chandigarh Viral Video Link Mms

Chandigarh Viral Video Link Mms Leaked On Twitter
Chandigarh Viral Video Link Mms

Currently, there are indeed many people who are looking for Chandigarh Viral Video Link Mms which have been circulating outside on the internet and social media.

Chandigarh Viral Video Link This Mms began at 2 p.m. at a private university in Mohali and lasted until the morning.

In this case, a girl is accused of filming 5 to 6 hostel students while taking a bath and sending it to a boy she knew.

The university students caused a commotion on campus regarding this issue. Following this, the girl who created MMS was turned over to the police.

The police have also filed a FIR against this young lady. According to reports, this girl spent a long time filming the girls taking baths and sending it to a young man she knew.

This young man posted these viral videos on the internet. The girls were taken aback when they saw their videos on the internet.

At the same time, the university administration is accused of covering up the situation. The female students claim that they complained to management about the situation, but that no action was taken.

Students were enraged by this and gheraoed the university last night, raising slogans. Seeing the uproar, the police were called and the situation was reported.

The commotion became so intense that the security guard had to close the main gate and the police were called.

The police had to use lathi charges on the students after they overturned the PCR van. The police have currently arrested the accused girl.

The police have stated that the boy to whom the videos were sent will also be arrested. The Punjab government and police have taken action to remove videos of female students from the internet, with the assistance of the cyber cell.

Link Video Viral Chandigarh University

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The Final Word

That’s all the admin can present about Chandigarh Viral Video Link Mms Leaked On Twitter. Don’t forget to visit us again at allyoucanshared.com, of course, for the next interesting and popular update.


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