Horaires Des Séances Du Film Là Où Chantent Les écrevisses

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Le film Là Où Chantent Les écrevisses devient actuellement populaire et très recherché par les internautes de diverses parties du monde.

Il y a tellement d’internautes qui aiment le film Là Où Chantent Les écrevisses avec ce genre thriller et drame.

En plus d’avoir un scénario intéressant, ce film fait également battre le cœur rapidement car la tension montrée dans le film semble très réelle.

Eh bien, bien sûr, vous n’êtes pas très curieux à propos de ce film Là Où Chantent Les écrevisses, donc l’administrateur vous fournira une critique, que l’administrateur a résumée à partir de diverses sources dans l’article suivant.

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Là Où Chantent Les écrevisses Plot

Catherine “Kya” Clark is a resourceful young girl growing up in a marsh on the coast of North Carolina in the 1950s.

Her impoverished family lives in a shack with their alcoholic and abusive father, who gambles away their savings. Kya is left alone with him as her mother and older siblings flee the household due to the abuse.

Her father softens over time, but then abandons her a few weeks after the only day she ever spends at school.

She learns to survive despite being abandoned at the age of seven, and the only way she earns money to buy gas for her boat and food is by digging and selling mussels at Jumpin’ and Mabel Madison’s small country store.

Horaires Des Séances Du Film Là Où Chantent Les écrevisses
Film Là Où Chantent Les écrevisses

Over the years, the couple has protected her and provided whatever care they can to Kya. The people of Barkley Cove know little about Kya and refer to her as “The Marsh Girl.”

Kya takes her boat as far as the ocean and turns around on the same day her father leaves, but she gets lost while trying to find her way home.

Fortunately, she meets Tate Walker, a slightly older boy who leads her safely home. He had known Kya since she was a baby, thanks to her older brother Jodie’s friendship.

Tate then begins to pay her visits in the marsh, and they become close friends during their adolescence.
He helps her learn to read, write, and count, and even lends her books.

They both have an interest in nature, and they eventually start dating. However, Kya is abandoned once more when Tate leaves for college and fails to keep his promise to return to her on July 4th.

Kya sends her nature drawings and research writings to a publisher over the next few years as her art skills and knowledge of biology improve, as previously encouraged by Tate, and the income from the book helps her keep her family’s property.

Kya’s book is published, which leads to her rediscovery by her older brother Jodie, who is now a military veteran.

He tells her that their mother had hoped to find and reunite with the other children, but she became ill and died of leukemia. Jodie promises to pay her a visit as soon as he is able.

By 1965, Kya has reached the age of 19, and she is drawn into a romantic relationship with Chase Andrews, Barkley Cove’s popular quarterback, who promises her marriage.

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Chase hands Kya a small shell. She later fashions it into a simple necklace and presents it to him as a gift.
When Kya discovers that Chase is already engaged to another girl, she is made to feel insignificant, and she abruptly ends their relationship.

Meanwhile, Tate returns to Barkley Cove, apologizing heartbrokenly to Kya for abandoning her.
He is eager to rekindle their romance, but Kya is hesitant.

Chase continues to pursue Kya, hoping to continue their sexual relationship, but she rejects him. He then attacks and tries to rape her, but Kya fights him off and loudly threatens to kill him if he doesn’t leave her alone.

A local fisherman overhears this threat; Chase later returns and aggressively vandalsizes Kya’s home while she watches from the bushes.

Kya and Tate finally get to spend the rest of their lives as loving partners. Kya ends up publishing more illustrated nature books over the years, and she is frequently visited by Jodie and his family. The film depicts Kya and Tate growing older while remaining devoted to one another.

Là Où Chantent Les écrevisses Synopsis

Là Où Chantent Les écrevisses raconte l’histoire de Kya, une fille abandonnée qui grandit jusqu’à l’âge adulte dans les marais dangereux de la Caroline du Nord.

Pendant des années, des rumeurs sur la “fille des marais” ont hanté Barkley Cove, isolant Kya, une femme vive et résiliente, de sa communauté.

Attiré par deux jeunes hommes de la ville, Kya s’ouvre à un monde nouveau et surprenant. Mais lorsque l’une d’elles est retrouvée morte, elle est immédiatement considérée par la communauté comme la principale suspecte.

Au fur et à mesure que l’affaire progresse, le verdict sur ce qui s’est réellement passé devient de plus en plus flou, menaçant de révéler les nombreux secrets qui se cachent dans le marais.

Là Où Chantent Les écrevisses Casting

  • Réalisation : Olivia Newman
  • Distribution : Daisy Edgar-Jones, Taylor John Smith, Harris Dickinson, Garret Dillahunt, Ahna O’Reilly, Sterling Macer
  • Casting technique : Lucy Alibar (Scénario)

Là Où Chantent Les écrevisses Trailer

Bien sûr, le film Là Où Chantent Les écrevisses est très intéressant à regarder, surtout pour ceux qui aiment vraiment les films avec les genres Thriller et Drame.

Ainsi, avant de visionner ce film dans son intégralité et après avoir lu le synopsis que nous vous avons expliqué précédemment, il est bon que vous regardiez la bande-annonce du film Là Où Chantent Les écrevisses ci-dessous.

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