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Non-fungible tokens in games that tease the play-to-earn concept sound appealing, especially to today’s generation. Minecraft Developers Reject NFT because it is not in accordance with the company’s principles, with the exception of Minecraft, which has shown no interest in NFT.

We can see how many game developers are competing to incorporate non-fungible token features into their games recently. Not a few, even some gaming industry titans, have expressed interest in this modern concept.

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Unlike Mojang Studios, who rejected NFT, the Minecraft Developers emphasized that they had no plans to include or implement NFT at all. Mojang, the game’s developer, stated that his team did not want the game to have ‘profitable’ frills, as well as the concept of ‘having and not having.’

The decline in Minecraft Developers Rejects NFT because they previously observed that there were several private worlds that carried the current concept. The method of buying and selling is similar to that of NFT in general, with almost all ‘assets’ in Minecraft pegged according to the seller’s wishes.

Developers Minecraft Ban Nft and Blockchain Technology

To confirm his actions, Mojang Studio, the developer of Minecraft, announced the move on its website. Where the developer tries to explain what NFT is and the company’s principles.

According to the site’s announcement, Minecraft Developers Reject NFT in order to create a safe playing environment.

“Blockchain technology has no place in our game.” The point is that we don’t want anyone to break the rules that we’ve established, including the client and server.”

Nonetheless, the Minecraft Developer Reject NFT’s efforts appear to be adjusting to the game’s applicable rules. However, we have no intention of implementing it until a time that we cannot predict.

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