New Link Full Video Viral Del Taxi Cucuta On Reddit Twitter New Link Full Video Viral Del Taxi Cucuta On Reddit Twitter. After learning about movies containing sexual substance material, there is a debate concerning Cucuta Taxi. The film was shot in a cab in the old city chamber.

The video became incredibly popular, and 1000 people demanded that the Association jail the force of motifs driving a car.

The video showed a lady and someone who observed booze, then got a taxi and posted a video.

The incident occurred during the day in one of the busiest neighborhoods of this metropolitan metropolis, the seat of North Santander.

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Following listening to the recording, Edgar Torrado, Head of Operations for the Radio Taxi Cone Organization, with which the vehicle was associated, disputed what had transpired and urged that the appropriate punishment be imposed.

Again, the group issued a statement stating that it would do all it took to “manage the situation and guarantee that the kind of this element did not occur and did not imitate us.”

On the other hand, cab owner Freddy Aranda describes it as when conducting minor mechanical maintenance at a store.

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Video Viral Del Taxi Cucuta

Video Viral Del Taxi Cucuta
Video Viral Del Taxi Cucuta – Image From Google

The company also announced that it was taking all necessary steps to “manage the script and prevent these kinds of factors from reappearing and mimicking us.”

I do some mechanical work. He was forced out of the car for three days by a character in the film. The motive was directed at me, but check what happened.

I’m sorry, but I will not admit the accident. The car has to move, so I’m not used to such factors. He explained the driving force behind it. taxi.

Controversy erupted in Kuta his taxi after a video was discovered showing a sexual tape taken in a taxi in a famous urban area. Records are trending and hundreds of users are looking for worthy drivers in their union.

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Who Is Cucuta Taxi?

Who Is Cucuta Taxi?
Who Is Cucuta Taxi? – Image From Google

In the video, a young girl and a male are shown sipping alcohol before getting into a cab to film.

This happened without trying to hide and happened near the busiest area in the metropolis of North Santander.

After learning of the tape, édgar Torrado, the head of the functional of the radio taxi cone organization, where the vehicle was a subsidiary, dismissed what happened and urged that appropriate consequences be imposed.

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The organization also made a statement in which he vowed to take the necessary steps to “deal with this matter and ensure that this type of behavior did not occur again, this did not represent us.”

Meanwhile, Freddy Aranda, the taxi’s owner, stated that after completing mechanical maintenance in a carport, he elected to lease a vehicle for three days to the man in the video.

The driver was suggested to me, but we’ll see what happens. “I reject and apologize for what happened; the car is to function, not as a result of doing such a thing,” stated the taxi owner.

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