Passion Novel: Good Morning Sweetheart Novel

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Novels have always been a window into humanity’s deepest emotions and desires. Novels have been a constant companion of readers who seek to be transported into a different world, from mystery to horror, romance to adventure. The passion novel is one of the many novel genres that has captured the hearts of many readers.

Passion novels are stories about the complexities of love, delving into the depths of human emotions and desires. They are distinguished by intense romantic relationships that are frequently fraught with difficulties and challenges. These novels are about more than just love; they are about the passion that goes along with it, the intense feelings that make us feel alive.

Passion Novel: Good Morning Sweetheart

Passion Novel: Good Morning Sweetheart Novel
Passion Novel: Good Morning Sweetheart Novel

Passion Novel

The depth of character development is one of the defining characteristics of passion novels. The protagonists are frequently complex characters with flaws and imperfections that help readers relate to them. They are not one-dimensional love caricatures; they are people who struggle with their emotions and desires. Readers are taken on an emotional roller coaster as they follow the characters on their journeys, experiencing the highs and lows of love alongside them.

The tension that builds throughout the story is another feature of passion novels. Readers are left on the edge of their seats as the protagonists navigate their way through the obstacles that stand in the way of their love, wondering if they will overcome the challenges they face. This tension adds to the novel’s overall sense of passion, leaving readers with a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Passion novels are about more than just love; they are also about the human condition. They delve into the complexities of human relationships, the depths of our emotions, and the lengths we will go for those we care about. They remind us that love is not always easy, but it is always worthwhile to fight for.

Synopsis Good Morning Sweetheart

“We just assumed,” Craig says.

His baby daughter had slept a lot, as do all babies, and when she was awake, she seemed to be able to see.

We both look down at the bundle of pink, still curled up in her car seat, sleeping, next to the table. While dozens of conversations swell and taper around us, waiters bustle around the patio with stacked plates.

“Did she make direct eye contact?” I ask.

“Certainly,” he says. “We’d talk to her, and she’d look us in the eyes. When the dog barked, she turned to see what was going on.”

“But it wasn’t that – “

“No. That was only her hearing.”

I sip my soda and observe him as he observes her. My wife Emma suggested that we take Craig out to lunch and encourage him. Tell him he’ll make an excellent father. She reminded me that he’d wanted to be one for a long time, and that they’d tried for a long time. He now blames himself for her eyes, she told me.

“I feel terrible for not knowing sooner,” Craig says.

“How could you have done it?”

“I understand. But I knew we should have used modern medicine. It was in my thoughts. I considered it. However, Molly and I had these ideas.” He reclines and runs his fingers through his hair. “We wanted it to be organic. You know, just the two of us.”

“Of course,” I reply. I understand. I’m a doctor, so I’m used to all the machines, graphs, and blips – all the rushing in and rushing out uniforms, all the dull metallic instruments peeled from airtight wrappers.

“Could they really have caught it if we’d done the modern thing?” he wonders.

“Probably not,” I say, implying not immediately. They would have most likely done so in follow-ups fairly early on. But why should I tell him? Knowing wouldn’t have made much of a difference at his daughter’s age, in the few early months we’re talking about.

And, in any case, my wife Emma is correct: what he really wants is more ways to feel guilty. I’ve seen this before in patients’ parents, and I can’t think of anything wrong with it. What happens when something goes wrong with a child that young? Is that your child? You want to take that pain and claim it as your own.

Lunch has arrived. We nibble on our sandwiches. When a group at the table across from us bursts out laughing, his daughter stirs in her car seat. He leans in and whispers something to her, and she relaxes.

When he looks up, I notice pain in his forehead, corners of his mouth, and beneath his eyes.

“Craig,” I introduce myself. “You did an excellent job. And even if you had known, you couldn’t have done anything different.”

“We simply weren’t looking for it,” he explains.

“Of course not,” I respond. “How could you?”

He sips some water and clears his throat. “We discovered it last Saturday. We were out in the sun with her stroller, and she didn’t squint.”

I remain silent.

He picks up his sandwich and immediately places it back down. “However, this is what gets me.” He’s looking at his daughter once more. “We had discussed it before that. Molly was perplexed. She had that feeling. But nothing was done. I told her she was overreacting. It’s terrible, I know. We were both exhausted.”

“I might have said something similar. In any case, sleep deprivation drives you insane.”

“But do you understand why I said she was dramatic? “Do you know how I persuaded her that everything was fine?” He picks up his sandwich and tucks a stray piece of lettuce beneath the bread. Then he returns his gaze to his daughter. “The youngster smiled.”

“Do you mean-“

“She did smile at us. We’d say good morning, sweetheart, and she’d smile and laugh back. I told Molly there’s no way she’d do that if, you know. No way.”

“That makes sense.”

“But do you know what he said when we finally went to the doctor?”

My head shakes.

“I apologize, but the jerk said it was a survival response. Nothing else. He claims that even blind children smile in order for their parents to become attached to them. Survival. That’s all there is to it.” Craig spears a piece of melon with his fork from the small fruit bowl next to his plate.

I’m at a loss for words. I suspect the doctor was only trying to do the same thing I’m doing now. Craig simply cannot see it.

He removes his fork from the melon and returns his gaze to his daughter. He reaches for her feet, but she wriggles and stretches out, one arm above her head, fist clenched, grunting. “I can’t believe he said that,” Craig exclaimed. “A survival reaction. As if there is no us and her. As if nothing exists between us.”

I’m about to tell him what the doctor probably meant when his daughter smacks her lips and blinks her eyes open. Craig’s face softens and his shoulders relax as I observe. He appeared to be burdened just a moment ago.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” he greets her.

She smiles with her gummy mouth open wide.

He picks her up and holds her tight against his shoulder with his left arm, then closes his eyes and rubs deeply into them with his thumb and fingers.


In conclusion, passion novels are an important part of the literary world because they allow readers to delve into the depths of human emotions and desires. They are stories that transport us to another world, where we can feel the intensity of love and the difficulties that come with it. Passion novels remind us of the power of love and the importance of never giving up on it through their vivid characters, immersive settings, and intense plotlines.

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