Poe Trade Item Secret For Beginners

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Looking for a way to trade in Path of Exile? Unless you’re in a solo-created league, trading with other players is one of the best ways to level up your Path Of Exile character.

The trade process, on the other hand, has some deliberate roadblocks and is not explained in-game.
Fortunately, once you know where to look, it is fairly simple.

This guide will take you step by step through the process of buying and selling items in Path of Exile.

Poe Trade Item Secret For Beginners
Poe Trade Item Secret For Beginners

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In Path of Exile, How Do You Buy Items From Other Players?

There is no in-game auction house in Path of Exile. There is a Trade chat channel, but it is mostly inoperable.

The official trade website handles the vast majority of transactions. There are numerous ways to narrow down searches for specific items.

Assume it’s day two of Sentinel league and I’m in need of new boots for my Seismic Trap character.
I’m looking for something with fast movement, fire resistance, and longevity.

I can use the filters to find every matching item currently listed for sale by other players, as shown in the image above.

In Path of Exile, How Do You Sell Items To Other Players?

Selling items in Path Of Exile is simple if you have a premium stash tab. First, right-click the name tag of your premium tab and select “public” and “each item individually priced.”

Then, in the tab, place the item you want to sell, right-click it, and enter a price. As an example, see the image above.

Unfortunately, selling items is difficult if you don’t have a premium stash tab. You’ll need to start a thread in the trading forums, get links to your items from your character page on the website, and then tag them with the “price x chaos” tag in your thread.

If this sounds irritating and overly complicated, it is. Selling items becomes much easier if you purchase a premium stash tab from the in-game store.

This is Path Of Exile’s closest thing to a pay-to-win mechanic, and it’s an understandable source of annoyance.

Which Currencies Should You Use When Trading In Path Of Exile?

Path of Exile has a plethora of currency items with varying values based on their in-game crafting uses.
However, there are only two you need to be concerned about in terms of trade.

Chaos Orbs are Path of Exile’s currency. Most trades, especially early in a league, are priced in Chaos.
99% of the time, you should list the majority of your low-to-medium value items in Chaos Orbs.

Because of a change in patch 3.19, Divine Orbs are now the preferred currency for high-value trades.
Exalted Orbs were previously used to price items worth more than 150 Chaos.

Metamods, which are high-end crafts that used to cost Exalted Orbs to perform, accounted for the majority of the Exalted Orb’s value.

These crafts now cost Divine Orbs. It will take some time for the dust to settle, but Divine Orbs should replace Exalts as the new high-value trade standard.

To see the relative value of each currency, go to the Bulk Trade tab. Because Divine Orbs are more scarce than Exalted Orbs in Path Of Exile, expect Divines to be far more expensive than Exalts.

Path Of Exile Trade Etiquette

A quick note on Path Of Exile trade etiquette. Remember, the buyer travels, and the seller initiates the transaction.

If you message another player and they are willing to sell their item, they will send you a party invitation.
Accept the invitation, then right-click on their character portrait and choose “visit hideout” to quickly travel to their hideout.

Then, once the seller is ready, wait for them to send you a trade request. This order of operations prevents traders from being bombarded with invites and trade requests. If you stick to that process, you will have a pleasant trading experience.

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Avoiding Common Trade Scams

Unfortunately, while trading in Path Of Exile, you will come across the occasional bad actor. As with any game, there are those who seek to exploit the system and gain an advantage.

You can avoid trade scams and fully enjoy the game if you know what to look for. Don’t be too concerned about this section. I’ve been playing the game for three years and have only encountered one scammer

Bait And Switch Trade Cancellation

When completing a trade in Path of Exile, both players must hover their cursor over each item they are receiving, forcing you to double-check that you are receiving what you requested.

Some con artists will wait for you to inspect their items before canceling the trade, initiating a new trade, and swapping in a replacement.

This could be a smaller currency stack or an item that appears identical but has lower stats.
There are numerous valid reasons to cancel and re-start a trade.

A player may need to split a currency stack or obtain an additional one from their stash.
However, if a player cancels and re-initiates, double-check that you’re getting what you want.

Counterfeit Six-Links

Body armors and weapons with six linked sockets are a vital component of every Path Of Exile character, and they trade in extremely high volumes across a league.

Another common scam is listing a six-linked item, then replacing it with a three, four, or five-linked item and hoping you don’t notice.

This is especially common with high-demand unique body armors with gold or brown colorations that can appear to be links at first glance, such as Shavronne’s Wrappings or Carcass Jack.

Messages With Low-Ball Offers For Exact-Price Listings

The simple low-ball message is perhaps the most low-effort scam of all. A player will message you with the standard, auto-generated message from the trade site, but the price will be replaced with a lower one.

Their hope is that you will simply ignore the fact that their offer differs from your listing and accept the amount in their message.

You can easily avoid this by checking your listed price before pulling an item from your stash.

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“I don’t have enough currency, but I have this item worth the same amount.”

No. Do not attempt it. It’s a scam if someone offers an old-fashioned, item-for-item barter.
Only accept currency in exchange for your items.

That’s all you need to get started trading in Path of Exile! The process may appear intimidating at first, but once you start trading, things become much easier.

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