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Synopsis Novel Baby Squirrel Is Good At Everything

Read Baby Squirrel Is Good At Everything Novel Full PDF
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Beatty, a weak squirrel shapeshifter who was born into a lion family. Because of that, I lived my life being abused at my aunt’s house in the capital. When I told my only friend and fiancé, the Second Prince, that I would leave to achieve my dream.

‘Ritter, you bastard…!’

I died on his fangs.

I opened my eyes again to my childhood, the time before I got myself involved with the Second Prince.

At times like this, what do you need? Speed. I immediately forced my body up and ran away to the land of my biological father, the lion family.

Though I won’t be welcomed, if I possess this one great secret that will only be discovered in the future, I won’t get kicked out….

“Welcome, Young Miss!”

“OMG! When did you grow up like this…?”

“Young Miss is walking with those two cute feet!”

… Huh? Why am I welcomed like this?

No way, is that my statue?

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Baby Squirrel Is Good At Everything Novel Chapter 55

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In the banquet hall a bit before the Viscount is dragged.

The banquet ended in great success.

Sophisticated banquet decorations that they could not even think to see at a Northern banquet, to tea culture gifts that seemed to become a new trend.

All the guests who participated went back with pleasant smiles.

The Northern nobles sent off the guests with proud expressions, as they sent a respectful gaze to the Princess of Aslan, who pioneered the Northern banquet which had always been ignored in the lead of trends.


Beatty let out a sigh of relief as she loosened the strength from her shoulders.

It seemed that she was quite nervous without her knowing it as it was indeed her first time preparing a banquet.

“Let go of me! What kind of person… I am…!”


At that moment, the corner of the banquet hall, which was becoming quiet as people gradually left, suddenly became noisy.

Although she couldn’t hear it well because it was far away, at the familiar voice somewhere, Beatty looked around her surroundings.

“Congratulations, Lady.”

At that time, a figure which suddenly got closer blocked her view.

“His Highness Prince Ather?”

“I told you to call me Older Brother Ather.”

Blocking Beatty’s gaze from going to the side of the commotion, Ather smiled as he naturally changed the topic of the conversation.

“Right. Carl asked me to ask the Lady something.”

“Older Brother did?”

Although it was a complete lie, Ather didn’t care.

Since in order to make it work, there were still things left that needed to be looked into.

“Yeah. Shall we move over for a moment?”

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