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Billy Liar (1959), a best-selling novel and the best comic book of the twentieth century, honors film, drama, music, serial television, and sekuel. This edition marks the first time the novel has been published in America in more than a decade, with new cover art by Nick Bentley and original artwork by William Belcher.

Michael Joseph published the first edition, the first certificate, in 1958. Sebuah buku yang tidak dipotong dengan beberapa tepi halaman yang menggelap, seperti pembungkus yang tidak dipotong dengan beberapa memudar ke punggung dan beberapa menggosok ke sudut.

Billy Liar 1959 Novel by Keith Waterhouse

Read Billy Liar 1959 Novel by Keith Waterhouse
Read Billy Liar 1959 Novel by Keith Waterhouse

Billy Liar 1959

William ‘Billy’ Fisher lives in Stradhoughton, a fictitious Yorkshire town. He is 19 years old and still lives at home with his parents and Gran. He works at a local undertaker firm, Shadrack and Duxbury. He is a pathological liar, and the novel begins with his lies getting him into trouble:

Billy hides calendars publicizing the undertakers under his bed in order to keep the postage money for himself. His mother asks him to post a letter to a radio program, but he keeps it, opens it, and reads it himself.

He’s carrying on with three local girls, Liz, Rita, and the Witch, and promises them all he’s engaged to them, recycling a cheap ring to each in turn.

He’s lied fluently and creatively to the mother of his mate, Arthur, telling her that he (Billy) has a sister called Sheila, who’s married to a market trader named Eric, who has three shops, and they have two children, Norma and Michael, the

He’s told his friends, employer, and family that he’s been offered a job in London scriptwriting for comedian Danny Boone – but he hasn’t accepted.

The novel follows Billy from being roused out of bed to the last thing at night, after the Saturday night dance, when all his chickens come home to roost, his enemies gather around him, his girlfriends find out about each other, and Billy must face the reality behind his fantasies.

My heart skipped a beat, and I quickly wondered how many beats it had skipped that day, and whether it could only miss so many before you died, and if so, how far off the mark I was.

And the fact that almost everyone is participating – the entire world is participating in the comedy. His coworkers, bosses, passersby, shop assistants, three girlfriends, and family are all reciting lines, playing parts, and going through the motions.

The Witch turned away with a quick movement of her head, easily bringing tears to her eyes. I suspected she had practiced the whole thing in front of a mirror. Its purpose was to make it clear that she was turning away, not just looking away.

It is an all-encompassing vision of a world completely transformed into an endless source of wit and humour:

Stradhoughton was littered with targets for our mockery. We could make Fascist speeches from the steps of the rates office, and we’d gotten in trouble before for doing our Tommy Atkins routine in Town Square under the war memorial.

To confuse the costermongers with their leather jackets and Max Miller patter, we would sometimes walk down Market Street shouting ‘Apples a pound pears.’

The three apprentices at the undertakers perform a variety of high-powered sketches, and everyone at the Kit-Kat cafe knows or is performing their own routine. The local masons have their rituals, and even the old prostitutes in the railway station late at night have a well-rehearsed patter for chatting up the soldiers. The novel depicts a world in which everyone is performing a comedy sketch (even if they are unaware of it).

Everyone I knew used clich├ęs, but Rita spoke as if she got her words from a slot machine, whole sentences packaged in a disposable tinfoil wrapper.

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