Read The Mans Decree Novel Chapter 1060

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The Mans Decree Novel Chapter 1060

Read The Mans Decree Novel Chapter 1060

The Mans Decree

It appeared like howard become there to symbolize the dunn own family. The circle of relatives had despatched pinnacle degree martial arts grandmasters this time.

Given their clout within the sphere, it turned into now not unexpected that the dunns did not take the warriors alliance critically.

This confused the people even more. They began to speculate on why the Dunns believed Jared would win.

When Warren saw Howard, he became concerned. Throughout the Trial, Howard had always been there for Jared.

Warren knew there was a high chance of something bad happening when they brought two Top Level Martial Arts Grandmasters there that day.

Everyone turned around to see Edgar and Ryker making their way through the crowd.

A few skilled fighters from the Deragon family trailed behind.

Edgar walked haughtily past the crowd, his head held high. Based on his posture, it was clear that he believed he had secured victory.

Onlookers applauded and greeted him, but he didn’t even look at them.

“Take a look at Mr. Edgar!” Someone picked up on Edgar’s unusual aura.
“You can sense a special aura emanating from him, similar to that of a Top Level Martial Arts Grandmaster.”
He exudes the aura of a winner! Jared will perish.”

“I concur! He’s changed so much in just a few days!”

“I am confident that he will soon become the youngest Top Level Martial Arts Grandmaster!”

More people bet on Edgar as the crowd showered him with compliments.

When Edgar saw this, he became more self-satisfied and smug.

“Hello, Mr. Ryker!”
Warren greeted everyone.

“Hello, Mr. Gordon!” Ryker returned the greeting. Then he asked, smiling, “I saw many Warriors Alliance members.”
Even the four elders have arrived. “Are they afraid of someone causing a commotion?”

Warren was surprised. He had no idea Ryker was such a perceptive individual. Many of the people Ryker had mentioned were actually hidden among the crowd, but he was still alert enough to notice them all.

“President Zeigler was concerned that something unexpected would occur.
“You know, we can’t have any mishaps or Mr. Sanders will give us a hard time,” Warren explained.

“President Zeigler is such a perfectionist! He does not, however, need to be concerned.
“No one will dare to make a scene here,” Ryker laughed.

“Never underestimate Jared, Mr. Ryker.”
“He’s become quite influential in Jadeborough,” Warren responded.

He then continued solemnly, “President Zeigler sees Jared as a potential threat and believes Jared may cause trouble, so President Zeigler believes we must use this opportunity to have Mr. Edgar exterminate him.”

Ryker was taken aback, but quickly recovered his composure.
“Mr. Gordon, the president can be confident that nothing unpleasant will occur today.”

Jared will not cause a commotion. We’ll just have to ask Edgar to paralyze him for the duration of the fight.”

“Don’t tell me Jared gave you any benefits, Mr. Ryker.” Why are you so hesitant to put an end to him once and for all?” Warren questioned.

“Mr. Gordon, we have nothing to do with him!” Ryker retorted. I’m just worried that if Edgar murders him, Mr. Sanders will be furious. In this situation, our family will be made the scapegoat. If you really want him dead, you should just ask your Warriors Alliance allies to do it.”

Ryker walked away with Edgar after that.

“D*mn it! “How dare he speak to me in that manner?” Warren yelled angrily as he watched them walk away.

Warren’s position as director of the Warriors Alliance was considered high rank, but many martial arts families did not respect him.

Almost everyone had arrived by this point, and they were all waiting for Jared.

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