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Synopsis When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

“Listen to what you mean, is this news true?” Mike’s face was pale, he couldn’t believe the result.

Even though Avery didn’t return to Aryadelle together, once the news spread, it would reach his ears immediately.

How could Avery accept such bad news?

“I haven’t seen my boss’s body, how can I be sure that the news is true?” Chad said with difficulty, “It’s just that my boss might really be in Yonroeville, and now the news is coming from Yonroeville, so I’m a little freaked out.”

“Don’t panic, I’ll check the Yonroeville news now.” Mike finished and hung up.

Hayden stayed in the living room the entire time, listening clearly to Mike’s voice on the phone.

Ever since Mike sprayed the water, he’d been straining his ears, wondering what was going on.

“What happened?” Hayden immediately asked after Mike hung up the phone, “Elliot is in Yonroeville, did something happen to Elliot?”

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Read When His Eyes Opened Chapter 1231 FREE

It turned out to be all kinds of news about Elliot in Aryadelle.

Mike had an idea, typed Kyrie’s name, and a series of related news immediately popped up. The latest news about Kyrie is a photo of him wearing a black suit to buy chrysanthemum flowers at a flower shop.

This posture, at first glance, is to go to the funeral. Could it be that he was going to attend Elliot’s funeral?

Mike glanced at the news time, it happened yesterday. Therefore, Elliot died yesterday, and today the news came back to Aryadelle…

Mike took a screenshot of the news and sent it to Chad.

Chad replied with a long list of periods.

After seeing the news, Ben Schaffer immediately bought a plane ticket to Yonroeville.

Tammy dialed Avery’s number immediately. At this time, the time of Bridgedale is late at night.

Avery took half a sleeping pill and fell asleep.

Tammy didn’t get through the first time, her heart hung in her throat, and she dialed her number again………….

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