Tips to Become a Successful Freelancer Web Developer, RD – Tips to Become a Successful Freelancer Web Developer. Freelance web developers are certainly the target of some people today. Besides being able to work from home, of course you have time freedom and can schedule your own daily activities. And the most interesting is the income you earn.

As technology develops, the demand for web developers will continue to increase. Yes, web developers can do many things such as company profiles, government and school websites, online stores, online applications and much more. After that, the question “How can I become a freelancer?” Such questions often arise.

Of course you already know what the web is. But some people may not know how to create a web. What you need to learn to become a web developer and how to make a living becoming a web developer.

With my experience as a web developer, I tried to list the steps to become a web developer. We hope this list will help you start your career as a web developer.

A web developer is someone who creates and maintains a website. In other words, it defines the user experience while using the website.

For this purpose, developers should be able to create attractive and interactive websites. Companies are often willing to pay a high price to web developers for this opportunity.

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Of course, to get started, you need to learn a web programming language. Also, because the Web is based on several supporting elements, the language it uses is not enough, it’s just a programming language. The languages you need to learn to become a web developer are:

Languages to learn to become a Successful Web Developer

  1. Web scripting languages such as PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, and Python. This programming language is the language used to create web applications. If HTML and CSS are web view builders, these scripting languages are the logical controllers for your web application. This language connects web applications to databases and processes application input and output. We recommend that you choose the language you want to learn. PHP is the most commonly used language for building web applications, so we recommend using it. With its open and free nature, we can easily learn and create web applications. The integrity of the PHP documentation and tutorials is also very good, making it easy to learn the language.
  2. Javascript, a scripting language that is executed in the browser. This language is not always mastered, but if you want to create a web with animation effects and a more interactive web, Javascript can help. I prefer Javascript over Flash for creating certain effects. That’s because Flash still needs to install plugins, while modern browsers support JavaScript by default.
  3. HTML is the most basic web programming language and you need to learn it. HTML is a language for creating web interfaces that are displayed in browsers. HTML creates the structure of web appearances such as headers, content, footers, and menus. However, HTML alone is not enough to produce a better display, and other languages are needed to produce a better display.
  4. SQL is a scripting language for databases. A database is a data processing application that stores data used by our web applications. There are various kinds of databases such as MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and other databases. It is highly recommended to choose one to explore. SQL is a standard database scripting language, but examining existing database scripts makes it easy to store, manage, and serve data with functions that help you work with your database.
  5. CSS, which is a complementary language to HTML. Without CSS, you can’t create beautiful displays. CSS is the language that governs the layout and appearance of the web. B. Background color, text, font, size, etc. You can create a beautiful and beautiful display by combining HTML and CSS.

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Tips to Become a Successful Freelancer Web Developer

1. Learn Web Development Methods Well

There are many development methods such as RUP, Agile, USDP, etc, but mainly focus on analysis, design, development and testing. Follow the steps above to develop your app. Analyze what your app needs, then design your app before you write, develop, or code it, and test it before you release or ship it. You can return to the previous step if necessary. The main thing is to decide for yourself which method is best for you.

2. Learn Project Management

Application development is a project that needs to be well managed, planned and executed. By learning project management, you can collaborate with others in developing your applications. You can also gain time effectiveness and efficiency when you complete your project.

3. Learn to Use Hosting Control Panel

This is because when renting network hosting, you have to do a lot of work from the control panel. Commonly used control panels include Cpanel, Plex, ISPConfig, etc. Understanding how to use the control panel can help you optimize your application with your hosting provider.

4. Learn How to Use the Framework

A framework is a collection of functions and libraries that can make programming easier. Use a framework according to your programming language. ASP, for example, uses the .NET Framework.

Ruby with Rails Framework, Python with Django Framework, and other PHP like Prado, Symfony, CakePHP, and other frameworks. Do your research, choose which framework to use, and study the framework. Don’t change frameworks too often. Because you will not get the maximum benefit from understanding bit by bit. So structure your options based on your desired interests and skills.

5. Learn Techniques for Solving Web Programming Cases

For example, how to program with dates, how to connect the internet to other applications, how to access databases and many other ways. By knowing programming skills and solving web programming practices, you can program web applications more efficiently.

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6. Learning How to Process Images

For what reason? This is because images can provide information faster and more efficiently than lengthy textual descriptions. All you need to learn is Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Firework, the most common web imaging software.

Learn to create images such as icons, backgrounds, patterns and other images. Actually, it is not necessary because it is the job of a web designer to create images to display on the Internet. But the ability to create images for the web will be more useful than asking a friend for help with your web imaging needs.

7. Learning Web Server

Knowing how to run applications on a web server and learning about web servers will be very helpful. Or how to optimize your application on your web server. For example, using caching modules like APC, eAccelerator, etc. Or, use an .htaccess file to create a friendly URL or URL that’s easier to read. By checking your web server, you can optimize and add features to your application on the server.

8. Make an application that can be used as a product or service as a manifestation of your ability

By selling these products and services, you can take advantage of the opportunities and enjoy the rewards. Of course it’s better to work on one product than keep working on other people’s projects and get paid for each, but if your product has good commercial value, you’ll get results that last.

9. Keeping up with the Latest Web Technology Developments

Teknologi web seperti RSS, PODcasting, dan teknologi lainnya terus berkembang. Pelajari cara membuat dan menggunakan teknologi ini di aplikasi Anda. Karena aplikasi lawas juga akan ditinggalkan oleh pengguna.

10. Learn the techniques of Optimizing Your Application

To make your app run faster and faster, you need to be able to modify or optimize it. You will learn good web programming skills, effective programming troubleshooting, database setup and optimization, and web server optimization.


Tips to Become a Successful Freelancer Web Developer

Okay friends wherever you are, those were some tips from us so that you can become a Successful Web Development Freelancer. Hopefully Helpful and Hopefully can help.

Thank You

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