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Perfect World, Level Infinite, and Hotta Studios created Tower of Fantasy, an Open World RPG. This game’s character design is similar to that of the Genshin Impact. Because these two games feature a fairly large open world that players can freely explore.

Due to the collapse of Earth’s civilization, players in Tower of Fantasy will struggle to escape to the planet Aida. Aida is a resource-rich alien planet that is suitable for human habitation.

But getting away isn’t so simple. Players must navigate settlements filled with secrets, puzzles, obstacles, and challenges.

This time, the admin of will share an interactive Tower of Fantasy map to help players find locations, complete missions, and obtain items. Just take a look at the article below.

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Tower Of Fantasy Main Map

Tower Of Fantasy Interactive Map & Tower Of Fantasy Tier List
Tower Of Fantasy Main Map

Aesperia is in charge of the Tower of Fantasy map. This Aesperia is teeming with Protorowers, structures built by Mara to obtain Omnium.

In Aesperia, there are six major locations. Later, the players can gather and construct shelters and settlements.

So, what are the six main locations in this Tower of Fantasy game? Read on for an explanation.

  • Astra Shelter : an outpost led by Zeke, where players begin their adventure.
  • The Fox of Armata : serves as a destroyer base.
  • Port Banges : was a bustling settlement that served as a major trade and exchange hub.
  • Cetus Iland : is known as a “floating island paradise.”
  • Crown Mines : is Aesperia’s only crystal mining location.
  • Warren Snowfield : is a very cold, snow-covered region.

Tower Of Fantasy Interactive Map

Fans or the community of the Tower of Fantasy game have created an interactive map that can be accessed by anyone who plays it to make it easier for players to find new areas as well as the resources or items contained in this game.

This interactive map is very specific and detailed, so it can really help players speed up and find various quest places and items they want.

You can use the link admin provided to gain access to the following Tower Of Fantasy game Interactive Map.

Tower Of Fantasy Interactive Map >> Here

If you want to play the Tower of Fantasy game, you can do so through official applications such as the Google Play Store, AppStore, or the official Tower of Fantasy website.

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Tower Of Fantasy Tier List

Tower Of Fantasy Interactive Map & Tower Of Fantasy Tier List
Tower Of Fantasy Tier

The Game Tower of Fantasy provides you with a plethora of characters to choose from, making it difficult to make a decision. We’ll tell you which characters are the best in our tier list.

While the characters in Tower of Fantasy are ranked between SR and SSR, their strengths and weaknesses differ.

A Tier List is a list that is frequently created by the community to categorize the strengths of the characters. In this case, the choice is between rank SS (best) and rank C. (worst).

As of the CBT and our pre-launch access, the Tower of Fantasy tier list ranks all of the playable Simulacra by the power of the weapon they unlock and its utility in battle.

The advantage of this is that if you really like the character you created using the Tower of Fantasy character creation screen, or if you simply adore the design and personality of a lower-ranking.

SR character, you can simply equip them with an S-rank, SSR weapon and tear through Aesteria with no worries. Excellent work.

Check out our Tower of Fantasy release date and Tower of Fantasy map guides for more information on this exciting, open-world, multiplayer RPG.

You should also check out our Tower of Fantasy codes guide to see if there are any new freebies available.

Tower Of Fantasy Tier ListName Of Character
Rank SSNemesis, King, Samir
Rank SCoco knight, Crow, Tsubasa
Rank AShiro, Huma, Meryl, Zero
Rank BPepper, Bai Ling, Ene
Rank CEcho, Hilda
Table Tower Of Fantasy Tier List

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Tower Of Fantasy Special Character Skills

  1. Shieldbreaker King: King is currently the best shieldbreaker. He has a shield break value of 12.5 with his scythe “Scythe of the Crow.” Only Mary comes close with a score of 12.0.

    As you level up King, his damage against shields increases by up to 100%, his ability to break shields increases by 15%, and he constantly ignites his enemies. With 6 stars, King transforms into an absolute tank-fighting monster.
  2. Samir as the best DD: With her two “double EM stars” pistols, Samir is the most powerful DD.
    Although she has a lower base ATK than Shiro, her lightning attacks and massive area damage allow her to regularly stun opponents and remove their buffs.

    Their attacks become even more lethal at 6 stars, electrified enemies take more damage, and their abilities last longer.
  3. Nemesis as a Support DD: Nemesis’ Lightning Attacks and high ATK value deal similar damage to Samir.

    Their abilities, however, are designed for support rather than attack. This is how she will be able to heal herself and others.

    At 6 stars, their healing improves slightly, but their damage increases dramatically. Nemesis, like Samir, can remove buffs from opponents.
  4. Cocoritter, also known as Cocolita, is the healer in Tower of Fantasy. Although she can deal moderate damage with her ice attacks and freeze opponents, she is primarily used as a healer due to her abilities.

    With 6 stars, not only are her attacks significantly stronger, but she also has better healing abilities. This enables her to summon healing bees while dodging, which will follow and heal the group’s weakest target.

    Even though she is the best healer in the game, we do not consider her to be worthy of an SS rank in the Tower of Fantasy Tier List.

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