Twitter Video Viral De La Jary Influencer Filtrado

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Mexican pop singer with several singles, including “Tornasol”, “Uno En Un Millón”, “No Dejes” and “Nunca Nunca”.

His musical career began when he was eight years old, when his parents spoke with the owners of a cabaret academy. He used to be a football player, but one day he was stuck in class when the playing field was flooded. He wrote a song for the television reality show Pequeos Gigantes.

Jesus Omar Arellano Haro is his full name. Jalisco’s Guadalajara. Alan Navarro and he are Mexican pop stars.

To Jari, a young Mexican singer-songwriter, being a pop artist means demonstrating to his audience that his ideas have substance.

“Before judging an artist, they should learn about their history, what they’ve done, if they really can play an instrument, if they can,” the musician told The Associated Press. Passenger Kisses, his debut album, was released at the end of April.

Video Viral De La Jary Influencer Filtrado

Twitter Video Viral De La Jary Influencer Filtrado
Twitter Video Viral De La Jary Influencer Filtrado

“In my shows, I always try to bring an instrument, like a guitar or a piano, to make everything more organic, so that people can see it and want to be with me. “La guitarra, es algo que te pone los pelos, y de supuesto que la gente lo agradece,” aadió.

Following the release of independent videos such as “No dejes” and “Nunca nunca,” which have been viewed millions of times on YouTube by members of his Jary Army, the musician signed with Sony Music in February of this year and has since begun working on his debut album.

“We auditioned over 500 songs and chose 12 of the ‘Besos Passajeros,'” said Jary, who is joined by Reik de Julio, Pambo, Joss Favela, and Matisse.

El resultado es una amplia selección, desde música bailable hasta baladas con temas como “Jueves” y “No te cambiaria”. “Each one is very different, and that is what makes the albums so different,” said Jarry, who prefers to use his real name, Omar Arellano, in his author credits. Regarding the transition from an independent career to a multinational brand, they expressed gratitude for their commitment to him.

“I now have a super professional team in all aspects. “It’s a bigger responsibility now because we have to work harder, give more, and do everything with our hearts to show that all of these guys aren’t bad,” he said.

Jary, 20, was 17 when he released his first solo EP. He was convinced that music was his calling, but for a time he had to choose between music and football because he was born in Guadalajara and was a key member of Chivas.

One of the people who influenced his musical choice was his grandfather, who knew how to play the piano and encouraged him to do so. Unfortunately, he died one month before the album’s release.

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